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Wayne County Deputy Remembered on Anniversary of Murder

Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Riley (Photo: WRXX, Centralia)

FAIRFIELD – The community is remembering Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Riley as Thursday marked one year since he was murdered in the line of duty.

Riley was killed while responding to a motorist assist call on I-64.

Ray Tate admitted he shot and killed the deputy during the call and was sentenced to life in prison. However, Tate later retracted his guilty plea and asked the court to throw out the sentencing.

During Deputy Riley’s funeral, Sheriff Chris Otey described him as a family man.

Otey said the only thing Riley cared more about than being a deputy was his family.

His family said at the time, that to the public, he became a hero on Dec. 29, when he was killed in the line of duty.

But to his family, he was always a hero. They said that while their world was shattered, and we will never be the same, they took comfort in knowing Sean lived life to the fullest, that he loved his family and friends deeply, and that he died doing what he loved.