On Air: MONDAY to FRIDAY -- 03:00 PM - 06:59 PM

Ashley has been in radio her entire adult life starting with college radio. She began working full-time in radio sales at age 19 while finishing broadcasting school. In addition to other radio duties, Ashley worked on air in the Effingham (IL) and Mattoon (IL) markets before coming to work for Withers Broadcasting at WEBQ in 2006. She then transferred to Dana Communications and started the Afternoon Delight on WQRL in May of 2007.  During the Afternoon Delight listeners will hear frequent weather updates, including detailed coverage for all of southern Illinois during times of severe weather, traffic updates, and other local information listeners need and want to know about. Other Afternoon Delight Show features include Music History & Birthdays, Blast from the Past, Connect the Hits and music news.

We asked Ashley, “What are some things people may not know about you?”

  • I love animals and being out in nature, including fishing. My dogs bring me incredible joy and I am passionate about rescuing animals and spreading awareness.
  • I’m a sports nut. I live and breathe Atlanta Braves baseball and love the New Orleans Saints. I’ll watch any NFL or MLB game and also enjoy Blues Hockey.
  • I collect Penguins.
  • I’m a home remodel junkie.
  • Most of my time outside of work is spent on music. I have published and distributed multiple original albums, play in a dueling pianos duo, sing in the church chancel choir, lead Contemporary Praise Band, and sing in the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts Choral Project. I’ve been Dolly in Hello Dolly, and have performed vocal or musical compositions in other works such as The Wizard of Oz, The Secret Garden.