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Shawnee National Forest Announces Seasonal Closures

HARRISBURG – As we enter the winter season the Shawnee National Forest announces the following annual seasonal closures that will be in effect across the Forest.

Seasonal Forest Road closure will be in affect starting Thursday. A free Motor Vehicle Use Map is available at the Harrisburg and Vienna office and lists all Forest Service roads and exact closure dates. This map is also available online at

Campgrounds that will close for the winter season starting on Wednesday, Dec. 15, include Red Bud Campground (Bell Smith Springs), Pine Ridge Campground (Pounds Hollow), Tower Rock, and Johnson Creek Campgrounds. Most campgrounds reopen March 15, 2022, except for Tower Rock Campground which reopens May 1. For those who enjoy camping in all seasons, Pharaoh Campground (Garden of the Gods), Camp Cadiz, Oak Point Campground (Lake Glendale), and Pine Hills Campgrounds are open year-round.

For trail enthusiasts, please remember that there is a seasonal wilderness trail restriction prohibiting stock use between Dec. 1 and March 31 that includes the following: Lusk Creek, Garden of the Gods and Bay Creek Wildernesses. These restrictions are necessary to protect wilderness resources.

For the latest information, visit the Forest’s website at or on social media at or