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Murbarger to Be Sentenced Today for Girlfriend’s 2014 Murder

Brody Murbarger (Photo: WRXX, Centralia)

FAIRFIELD (WMIX) – A 27-year-old former Fairfield man is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday afternoon for the murder of his then high school girlfriend nearly 10 years ago.

A Wayne County jury found Brodey Murbarger guilty in November 2022 of strangling to death Megan Nichols at her Fairfield home in July of 2014.

Murbarger was 18, and Megan was 15 at the time of her disappearance. Megan disappeared on July 3, 2014, from her Fairfield home and body was found more than three years later buried in a farm field in rural Boyleston.

Prior to the jury trial, prosecutors opted to not pursue the concealment of a homicide and to try the home invasion charges separately.

Murbarger was seeking a new trial in the case and had filed a motion for acquittal but earlier this month Judge Michael Molt denied that motion and scheduled a January 25 sentencing in the case.