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State Representative Dave Severin Says Conservative Voting Record Makes Him Best Choice for New 116th District


BENTON – State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) announced his campaign for re-election on Monday. Severin was first elected in 2016 after defeating a top-ranking ally of former long-time Democrat Speaker of the House Mike Madigan. Severin says he believes his strong conservative record makes him the right Republican to serve in the new 116th legislative district in Springfield.

“I have worked to rid this state of the corrupt influence of Chicago politicians, stop the radical abortion agenda, and protect our God-given constitutional freedoms in the face of an out-of-control Governor,” Severin said. “JB Pritzker has used COVID-19 to destroy businesses and control every aspect of our lives through Executive Order. Enough is enough!”

Severin voted against recently passed legislation in the House’s 2021 Fall Veto Session that limits religious freedoms in health care decision-making for individuals and voted against repealing the requirement for parental notification of abortion. 
Severin also has a 100% voting record with the National Rifle Association, Illinois State Rifle Association, and as the ranking Republican member of the House Judiciary Criminal Law Committee, Severin voted no on the recently passed criminal justice reform bill that he says favors criminals over the police.

“My voting record reflects my strong conservative Republican principles,” Severin said. “I have opposed all of the Democrats’ gun-grabbing attempts, I voted no on repealing a parent’s right to know if their minor child is going to have an abortion, I voted against JB Pritzker’s plan to limit religious freedoms in health care matters, and I voted against the Democrats’ ridiculous gerrymandered legislative maps. I have a long conservative legislative record that puts me in the strongest position to continue representing the people of Southern Illinois in a new district.”

Since first taking office in 2017, Severin has served as a member of several key House committees, including Agriculture, Energy and Environment, Veterans’ Affairs, Higher Education, Judiciary Criminal Law, Elementary and Secondary Education, Tourism, and most recently the House Redistricting Committee.

“As State Representative, I refused to take a legislative pension. I voted to strengthen ethics laws to stamp out corruption, and time and again have voted to reject pay raises for politicians. I have consistently voted to support law enforcement and totally oppose any effort to defund the police! I may be running for re-election in some new territory, but my commitment to defend conservative Republican social and fiscal policies remains the same,” Severin said.

Severin and his wife Penny have been married for 44 years and have one married son and two grandsons.