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Southern Seven Health Department Holding COVID-19 Vaccination Opportunities for 12 to 17 Year Olds

ULLIN – Southern Seven Health Department (S7HD) has announced two new COVID-19 vaccination clinics aimed at parents who would like to get their 12 to 17 year olds vaccinated. Two different locations will offer the Pfizer vaccine to tweens and teens accompanied by their parent or guardian on Saturday, May 15th.

The two clinic locations on May 15th are as follows:

  • 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: Johnson County – Vienna High School (601 N. 1st, Vienna, IL)
  • 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.: Massac County – Massac County High School (2841 Old Marion Rd., Metropolis, IL)

“For several months now we’ve been hearing from parents who have been anxiously waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine to be approved for children,” said Nathan Ryder, Outreach Coordinator for Southern Seven Health Department. “The two-dose Pfizer vaccine is currently the only vaccine with emergency approval for 12 to 17 year olds. Parents or guardians can bring their child to get vaccinated this weekend and we will return in three weeks to give them their booster shot.”

The mobile pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinics for teens will utilize the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Wellness on Wheels (WOW) vans to provide the traveling clinic space to administer the vaccines. Individuals will then be able to wait their required 15-minutes after the vaccine in the comfort of their own car parked nearby. This unique rolling clinic gives parents and their children an opportunity to easily get vaccinated together, closer to home.

While teens have faced lower hospitalization rates with COVID-19 infections, it’s important to remember they can just as easily catch COVID-19, spread it to others, and suffer severe or long-lasting impacts to their health.

“Unfortunately in recent days we’ve seen a lot more positive COVID-19 cases amongst our tweens and teens in the S7 region,” Ryder said. “We can attribute a lot of that to some of the close contact activities that school-aged children are doing right now: competitive close-contact sports, proms, graduations, and birthday parties. Vaccinations are a great way we can start to curb those cases over the summer months.”

Vaccines will be provided on a walk-in basis to the first 100 individuals. Only Illinois residents and/or individuals with proof of employment in Illinois are eligible. Everyone over the age of 12-years old is eligible to get vaccinated. For questions regarding COVID-19 or locations of COVID-19 vaccine clinics, contact Southern Seven Health Department at 618-634-2297 or visit them on Facebook and online at