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SIC Releases CTE Video for Instructors to Introduce Their Programs

HARRISBURG – Southeastern Illinois College has been reinventing how they introduce their Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to high school students. Starting last October, various departments teamed up to create a video that would take the place of the usual Spotlight Days to introduce high school students to instructors and programs.

Lori Cox, Associate Dean of Workforce and Community Education for SIC, says since high school students can’t come to us this year because of the pandemic, we had to come up with a way to share the information they would normally learn on visits to the college.

The video campaign is #CTExplore, and in about 25 minutes, it runs through information about the various CTE programs, basic information about the college admissions process, what the college has to offer, and how to get started.

The video is also broken down into chapters so students can skip ahead to listen to the instructors whose programs interest them most. The video can be found on the Southeastern Illinois College YouTube channel and at