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Severin: Democrats Admit Gerrymandered Maps Drawn for Political Advantage

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois House of Representatives passed new legislative maps on partisan votes on Tuesday evening. State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) served as a member of the Illinois House Redistricting Committee and released the following statement.

“Illinois Democratic politicians have now completed the process of drawing new legislative district maps for the coming 103rd General Assembly that will be seated in January 2023. The every-ten-years process of legislative map-making was another in a long line of raw, naked political power grabs perpetrated by the Democratic party as they trampled on transparency and made a mockery of the public process.

HR 443 and SB 927 were passed on strict party lines, with all Republicans voting no in both the House and Senate. During questioning, the new maps sponsor admitted that maps have been drawn by politicians, for politicians to maximize their own political advantage. Governor Pritzker had previously signed new legislative maps in May of 2021, but analysis showed the maps to be unconstitutional because they deviated beyond population numbers that guarantee districts to be as close to equal in population as possible.”

A lawsuit filed by House and Senate Republican leaders continues to make its way through the Illinois court system. Having passed the House and Senate, the new maps that will take effect in January 2023 will head to Governor JB Pritzker’s desk for consideration.