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Severin: Constituents Get Neither Fair Maps or Transparency

SPRINGFIELD – Newly proposed legislative maps that were drawn by the General Assembly’s Democratic majority and that would shape the state House and state Senate for the next decade already are coming under fire from Republicans and independent organizations throughout the state of Illinois.

The Democrats dropped the maps late Friday, a tactic long used by former House Speaker Mike Madigan going into the weekend with less of a chance of media coverage and public notice.

At a Monday morning press conference, House Redistricting Committee member, State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) said the constituents in the state of Illinois wanted both transparency and fair maps and they are getting neither.   

Criticism also came from an alliance of 13 groups that advocate for good government, racial equality and other causes. With members including the League of Women Voters and the Better Government Association, the coalition decried the mapmakers’ use of population estimates rather than actual census figures, saying the process undercounted Illinoisans by tens of thousands of people.

The groups said in a joint statement “The decisions by our current lawmakers will disenfranchise tens of thousands of voices for a decade by creating representative maps that do not include them. Everyone should count. Everyone deserves representation.”