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Saline County Authorities Seeking New Home for Mistreated Horses

HARRISBURG – Authorities in Saline County are looking for a new home for some horses that were taken away from a Harrisburg man for mistreatment.

Saline County Sheriff Whipper Johnson said in a statement Tuesday that back in July, the sheriff’s office seized 12 horses from James Kevin Griffith of Harrisburg as a result of his failure to provide sufficient food, water and care for the animals.

Sheriff Johnson says Griffith has previously been cited by the Illinois Department of Agriculture for failure to provide humane care and treatment. Griffith failed to remedy the violations, and on July 12 a dead foal was found on his property. The horses were then immediately seized by the sheriff’s office.

Saline County State’s Attorney Molly W. Kasier filed a petition for forfeiture in Saline County Circuit Court and moved to have the horses forfeited pursuant to the Illinois Humane Care for Animals Act.

On Sept. 16 the horses were permanently forfeited to Saline County by virtue of an Order entered by the Saline County Circuit Court.

Since the horses were seized, a foal was born, resulting in a total of 13 horses forfeited. Two additional foals are expected to be born within the week. The horses are being cared for at a local facility.