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Rep. Paul Jacobs’ Measure Would Require Abortion Clinics to Offer Patients the Opportunity to View an Ultrasound

POMONA – Abortion clinics would be required to offer patients the opportunity to view an ultrasound under legislation State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) is sponsoring.

House Bill 683 would create the Ultrasound Opportunity Act. It would require attending physicians, referring physicians or other qualified personnel to offer any woman seeking an abortion after 8 weeks of gestation the opportunity to receive and view an active ultrasound prior to an abortion being performed.

“This legislation does not require abortion clinics to show patients ultrasounds but merely requires them to at least make the offer to do so,” Jacobs said. “There is no question that seeing an ultrasound has a big impact and can change people’s minds about having an abortion. But women should have all of the facts before making such a big decision and besides, anyone who is pro-choice should be in favor of legislation that gives women more choice and that is what my bill does.”

House Bill 683 has been introduced and awaits a hearing in the House Human Services Committee.