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Rend Lake Park Ranger Becomes First-Ever 2x Recipient of National Award

REND LAKE – U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Natural Resource Specialist Park Ranger Timothy Bischoff received the service’s Hiram M. Chittenden Award for Interpretive Excellence Wednesday. Bischoff, the service’s first ever two-time recipient of the award was recognized by the 55th Chief of Engineers Lieutenant General Scott A. Spellmon, in a virtual service-wide ceremony.

Bischoff was recognized for a second time for his leadership in rapidly prototyping, digitizing and ultimately delivering school-aged student curricula to schools nationwide that were in need of content suited to distance learning during the stay-at-home phase of the pandemic, as part of what is now called the #USACEeducates program. His first Chittenden recognition came 15 years ago and had Bischoff participating in the Army’s coast-to-coast reenactment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The Chittenden Award, whose name inspired during the presentation of the Park Service’s Freeman Award, at the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, was called as such for Hiram M. Chittenden’s engineering feats, extensive scholarship, and a rugged ‘can-do’ spirit in overcoming some of the nation’s fiercest natural and man-made challenges.

“Tim’s interpretive expertise combined with his passion and commitment to public service have resulted in numerous innovative, unique and exceptional learning opportunities for the public, not only at Rend Lake but across the nation,” said Jackie Taylor, Rend Lake Project Manager.

“His passion is the first thing that strikes you when you meet him,” said Amanda Kruse, Technical Lead for Interpretive Services and Outreach Program at the USACE St. Louis District. “He was born to be a Ranger”.

Bischoff was joined by his wife Elizabeth-Anne, daughter Alissa-Lynn and son Bridger, along with a host of USACE leadership and colleagues to celebrate the service’s second recognition of his professional accomplishments.