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Prescribed Burn Planned for Cave Hill area of Shawnee National Forest Tuesday

HARRISBURG – The U.S. Forest Service is planning a large prescribed burn in the Cave Hill area of the Shawnee National Forest Tuesday. Cave Hill is about six miles east of Harrisburg.

Prescribed fire has many benefits including helping maintain healthy forests and the native plants and animals they support.

Scott Crist, Fire Management Officer, says fire rejuvenates the forest. It increases nutrient availability, favors some plants over others, and can remove dead vegetation and smaller trees and brush. Crist says this lets more sunlight into the forest floor, which is important for oak trees and many other sun-loving trees and plants.

A prescribed burn is a planned fire that is overseen by professionals. Fire personnel carefully monitor smoke being generated during the prescribed burn. The public can expect the bulk of smoke to be visible in mid-afternoon and dissipate after dark.