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MVPD Names Justin Osborn Officer of The Year

Captain Vic Koontz (left), Detective Justin Osborn (center), Detective Sergeant Jeremy Reichert (right) (Photo: MVPD on Facebook)

MT. VERNON – Detective Justin Osborn of the Mt. Vernon Police Department was honored as officer of the year at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

Detective Osborn has been with the police department for 12 years and has been assigned to the detective division for the last two years.

Mt. Vernon Police Chief Trent Page.

Captain Vic Koontz nominated Detective Osborn and cited his on-going hard work, positive attitude, desire to help others, and ability to quickly find resolution in his cases as reasons for his nomination. Councilman Donte Moore has some special words for Detective Osborn.

During 2020, Detective Osborn handled over 150 cases ranging from thefts to homicide.