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Mt. Vernon #618Strong Fall Fest Moving Forward with Modifications

MT. VERNON – After an inspection, The City of Mt. Vernon has reported that a building housing the Antioch International Assembly is dangerous and dilapidated.

The owner of the Antioch International Assembly building called the City Engineer’s Office Monday about a partial floor collapse inside and when inspectors returned Tuesday they found the situation had worsened.

The department then notified the police, fire department and the mayor’s office and declared the building unsafe.

Authorities immediately evacuated everyone near the 200 block of South 9th Street and blocked it with barricades. The fire department is calling the area a “collapse zone.”

Organizers for the Mt. Vernon Fall Fest say it will continue Friday and Saturday as planned with a few modifications.

According to Fall Fest organizers, the Vendors Market Place, which was originally scheduled to be on 9th Street, is now being moved to Jordan Avenue in Mt. Vernon, just one block around the corner.

The car show will still be held Friday night, but it will now also be on Jordan Street near the post office.

For now, the fire department urges residents to be cautious near the area.

The city says it will tear down the building starting Wednesday morning.