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Marion Announces Community-wide Donation Drive for Hurricane Ida

MARION – May 29, 2022 will mark the 40th anniversary of the deadly F-4 tornado that ripped through Marion. To that end, Mayor Mike Absher states, “As a community, we have the opportunity to pay forward the support we received by donating directly to a community recovering from Hurricane Ida.”   

The City identified a parish of similar size to the greater-Marion area. St. Charles Parish, LA has a population of approximately 52,500 with the largest community being Luling of approximately 13,000. The parish government responded to the request to help immediately, citing that their donation distribution site cannot keep up with the need. The City of Marion is working directly with St. Charles Parish and their donation distributor, United Way of St. Charles. Both points of contact have repeatedly stated, “I can’t believe this. We are so grateful you are doing this.”

Donation items are listed below and came at the request of current and future needs of the communities in St. Charles Parish. Drop off locations are the Marion Cultural and Civic Center, The Hub Recreation Center and Black Diamond Harley Davidson. Residents can drop off Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The last day to donate items will be Sept. 24. On Saturday, Sept. 25, the Marion High School football team will assist by gathering the donated items from the drop-off points and load them into Black Diamond’s trailer. Black Diamond Harley Davidson will transport the items directly to St. Charles Parish drop point immediately afterwards. 

Donation Requests:

Food that does not require cooking

Bread/ Water



Gas/ Gas Cans

Paper Plates/Paper Towels/ Paper Cups

Canned food/ can openers


Pet Food

Male and female hygiene supplies:

-Razors/ Shaving Cream

-Gold Bond Powder

-Toothpaste/ Toothbrushes


-Feminine Products

-Shampoo/ Soap

Zip Lock Bags (Large 1 gallon – 5 gallon)



Bug Spray

Diapers/ Baby Food

Home cleaning supplies

Industrial Sized Trash Bags


Large Tote Containers

Flashlights/battery operated radios/batteries

New clothes/short pants/tshirts/all sizes

For more information about this project, contact Community Programs Director, Allison Hasler at