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Local State Lawmakers React to Passage of State Budget Saturday

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS – The following are statements released by our local state lawmakers after the Illinois General Assembly passed the FY 2023 state budget Saturday.

Windhorst: Democrat Pork-Filled Budget Raises Politician Pay, Spends Record $46 Billion

METROPOLIS – State Rep. Patrick Windhorst (R-Metropolis) issued the following statement early Saturday morning following the House of Representatives’ final day of Session that saw Democrats pass a record-spending $46 billion FY 2023 budget.

“I am profoundly disappointed in the process that lead to the budget product that passed with only Democratic votes this morning. The spending plan approved today leverages our future, fails to adequately address our long-term debt obligations, raises lawmaker pay, and spends $1 billion in Federal ARPA money on pork projects for Democratic districts. I voted no because the people of Illinois deserve a more transparent process when it comes to how their tax money is spent.”

Severin Rejects Politician Pay Raises and Calls Out $1 Billion in Democrat Pork in FY 23 Budget

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Dave Severin (R-Benton) says an early morning vote on the FY 2023 budget means Illinoisans once again have been left out of the process of how their dollars are spent by supermajority Democrats. Severin cast a vote against the $46 billion spending plan introduced well after midnight on the final scheduled day of the spring 2022 Session.

“Tonight felt like deja-vu all over again,” Severin said. “Democrats waited until everyone was in bed, rushed through legislation that spends billions of dollars, raised their own pay, and put pork projects ahead of good public policy,” Severin said. ” A responsible process would have led to a more responsible budget, but that is not what we ended up with. At some point we have to think of the future and stop spending money we don’t have. I voted no.”

Bryant: Democrats play election gimmicks with budget

Springfield, IL – State Senator Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) issued the following statement after Democrat lawmakers passed short-term tax relief in an election year as part of their FY23 budget, while also increasing state spending by billions.

“Since I entered the General Assembly, the state’s budget has increased by nearly 30 percent. Each year, I continue to watch Illinois Democrats permanently spend more and more while the residents of our state are crushed by out-of-control taxes.

“Today, members of the General Assembly had a golden opportunity to provide struggling families with long-lasting relief. Rather than providing those families with permanent tax relief, the Majority Party passed gimmick relief with a post-election expiration date.”

Sen. Bryant voted in favor of the tax relief portion of the plan, despite calling for permanent tax relief, but voted against the state spending plan.