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Hamilton County Unit 10 Schools Receive First Spirit Pump Check from Huck’s

Pictured is Landon Bayley of Huck’s presenting the check to Jeff Fetcho, Superintendent. (Photo: Hamilton County Senior High Facebook page)

MCLEANSBORO – Hamilton County Unit 10 School says it has received the first quarterly check from the Fox Fuel Spirit Pump located at Huck’s in McLeansboro.

According to a recent post on the Hamilton County Senior High Facebook page, the check is for $1,482. These funds will be distributed to each of the district’s four schools based on student population and used in the classrooms to support student learning.

The school district partnered with Huck’s to provide the Fox Fuel Spirit Pump in December. Huck’s donates 3 cents of every gallon of gas sold back to the schools.

The district is asking everyone to continue using the Fox Fuel Spirit Pump at Huck’s to support the students of Hamilton County.