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Hamilton County Board Had Busy Agenda for Tuesday’s Meeting

MCLEANSBORO – At Tuesday night’s Hamilton County Board meeting, the Board approved an ordinance authorizing the use of $10,000 of the American Rescue Plan Act, State and Local Fiscal Recovery funds to provide, enhance, replace and/or upgrade equipment and technology for the purpose of enabling telework capabilities for the continued operation of county government.

The Board also authorized the transfer of $3,000 of the American Rescue Plan Act, State and Local Recovery funds to reimburse for funds used for preparation of the “Single Audit” performed by Sheffel Boyle.

In other business, the Board listened to a report about the recently held Fall Festival and encouragement for the pursuit of a hotel/motel for McLeansboro, approved a resolution on county Cyber Security measures and discussed changing to a more secure E-mail system, approved an amendment to the mining lease – 40 acres of minerals were originally omitted from the lease, approved the letter of engagement from Scheffel Boyle to do the annual audit, approved the invoice from Southeastern Illinois Regional Planning and Development Commission in the amount of $1,274.27 for local dues for April, May and June 2021, approved the third quarter claim submitted by Dr. Beth Rister, Regional Superintendent of Schools for $6,537.76, approved payment of an invoice from J.W. Reynolds Monument Company for $525 for cemetery repair, approved the claims list and any late claims of regular monthly county expenses, changed the meeting date for the November meeting to Nov. 22 due to conflicts, approved a contract in the amount of $29,000 with Nick Knapp Concrete Construction for concrete work in the Highway Department’s West Building and tabled the issue regarding an accidental water leak at the highway department until the October Board Meeting and discussion with the City of McLeansboro.