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Franklin County Sheriff Partnering with Faith Based Group to Help Those Recover from Substance Abuse

BENTON – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office would like to announce a new partnership with Take Action Today of Southern Illinois.

Take Action Today is a faith based community organization that utilizes recovery coaches to support, encourage, mentor, and guide those who are seeking recovery from substance abuse. The program will involve both walk in referrals to the Safe Passage Initiative as well as services provided to inmates already incarcerated in the Franklin County Jail.

The Safe Passage Initiative was established to provide those in crisis a pathway to walk into the Sheriff’s Office and request assistance with their addiction. In turn, a member of the Sheriff’s Office would contact Take Action Today and a Peer Recovery Coach would be sent. The program would also be incorporated into the jail facility to provide peer support and services to those seeking treatment and recovery.

Drug abuse is an overwhelming and complex issue within our communities. Many burglaries, thefts, and acts of violence can be directly related to the drug problem. Arrest and incarceration cannot solve all of these issues. It is important to not only vigorously enforce the law, but to strive to find additional solutions to the high recidivism rates of drug offenders.

Take Action Today is being utilized by several Sheriff’s Offices, Police Departments, and Drug Courts in Illinois. If you are seeking treatment and recovery, Take Action Today can be contacted at 618-212-3171 or