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Four Arrests Made in Catalytic Converter Thefts in Zeigler

Photo: Zeigler Police Facebook Page

ZEIGLER – Four people have been arrested in connection with the recent thefts of catalytic converters from several vehicles in Zeigler.

According to the Zeigler Police Facebook page, early Saturday morning, two Zeigler police officers saw a suspicious person running from Zeigs Auto. They ran some information on the suspect who was in possession of burglary tools and came back with a warrant. Officers also saw a cut muffler pipe on one of the vehicles and they reasonably believed that they interrupted a burglary in progress.

The information was passed on to Zeigler Police Chief Ben Burkhamer who then spoke with the victim at Zeigs Auto. It was reported that several catalytic converters were taken from several vehicles.

Chief Burkhamer requested help from Christopher Police in finding the suspect who had been released from jail. After interviewing the first suspect, several other suspects were identified and information was given in several other burglaries in the county.

Zeigler Police made three arrests in connection with this case.

In addition to these arrests, Zeigler Police say a fourth person was arrested in connection with this crime after a West Frankfort dispatcher provided information.