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Diesel Fuel Theft Under Investigation in White County

CARMI – The White County Sheriff’s Office in Carmi is investigating the recent theft of diesel fuel from 515 County Road 1825 North in Enfield.

According to a sheriff’s report, an officer spoke to the victim by phone Sunday morning about the theft. The victim says he believes the theft happened in the last few days. The victim says when he was on the property Wednesday, nothing had been tampered with. When the man went back to the property a couple of days later, he saw the hose on his diesel fuel tank was stretched away from the tank and said he could see where some fuel had leaked out of the hose. The man says he’s uncertain as to how much fuel was in the tank, but says the tank which has a 500 gallon capacity is now nearly empty. It held red-dyed off-highway diesel fuel.

No other details were made available.