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City of Benton Looking at Creating Neighborhood Playgrounds

BENTON – Neighborhood playgrounds may be in the City of Benton’s future.

Benton City Commissioner Lee Messersmith says the idea of having neighborhood playgrounds in the city is not new. Messersmith says when he would talk about it with others, he found support for the playgrounds.

Messersmith recently brought this up to the City Council, who gave him approval to begin a feasibility study and investigation to see what it would take to create these neighborhood playgrounds.

Right now, it’s too early to say what kind of playgrounds would be installed, how much they would cost or when they would open. Messersmith says there are grants available for this type of project and he’s been in touch with some not-for-profits about possible support.

Messersmith says there are a number of lots the city has taken on where homes have been torn down, cleaned up and are sitting vacant. He wants to be able to redeem those lots, put them to use and create something that will draw people in and give them a sense of community that they live in. Messersmith mentions a few areas where playgrounds could go.

If you are interested in making a donation or need more information about the neighborhood playgrounds, contact Benton City Hall.