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Charges Being Considered Against Juvenile Involved in Alleged Incident with Law Enforcement in Carbondale

CARBONDALE – A juvenile could be facing charges in Jackson County after allegedly getting into an incident with law enforcement investigating a trespassing complaint recently at retail business in the 100 block of North Giant City Road in Carbondale.

According to a press release from Carbondale Police, on Sept. 23 officers went to the business after receiving a report that an individual, who had previously been banned from the property, was there trespassing. When the initial responding officer arrived, an employee identified the individual.  

When the officer tried to talk to the individual in order to investigate the complaint further, the individual, later identified as a juvenile, wouldn’t talk or identify themself to the officer. The officer tried to reason with the juvenile, who refused to comply. It was at this time the officer was of the opinion that the use of force was necessary to arrest the juvenile. The officer, who was alone at the time, responded to the resistance of the juvenile. An off-duty officer with another agency assisted with controlling a crowd of people that subsequently formed.

Once the juvenile was in custody, they continued to refuse to cooperate and battered the officers. The officers made the determination to remove the juvenile’s backpack in order for the juvenile to be seated in the squad car. The juvenile continued to refuse to provide their identity and was eventually identified by another officer. Officers contacted a parent, and the juvenile was released. The case is being reviewed by the Jackson County State’s Attorney’s Office for consideration of charges of Trespassing, Resisting a Peace Officer and Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer.

Police say there is a partial video of the incident circulating on social media. The video does not show the numerous attempts by the officer to get the suspect to comply and identify themself so the officer could further investigate the matter. Police say if the offender would have complied, the incident would not have required a custodial arrest. No injuries were reported as a result of this incident.