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Cascio-Hale Will Remain on November Ballot for Williamson County State’s Attorney Pending Appeal

MARION – Williamson County State’s Attorney Candidate Marcy Cascio-Hale says she will stay on the Nov. 8 ballot pending appeal that has now been filed in Williamson County Circuit Court.

According to a statement released by Cascio-Hale Thursday, Jeff Diederich, chairman of the Republican Party in Williamson County, Amy Eckert, president of the Williamson County Republican Womens organization and Alexia Denly, a former member of the Williamson County Republican Central Committee, filed an objection over the forms Cascio-Hale filed. The election board found in favor of count one of the objectors’ petition and against in count two of the petition.

Cascio-Hale says, “In an effort to clarify previous erroneous news stories, I am issuing this statement: I am on the ballot. And I will continue to fight to stay on the ballot. I’ll fight through the circuit court and the appellate court, if necessary. Giving the people of Williamson County a choice is paramount.”

At last Friday’s election board meeting when the decision was published, Cascio-Hale and her attorney attended. Counsel for Cascio-Hale confirmed with all three of the election board that Cascio-Hale’s name would remain on the ballot pending outcome of the appeal. That appeal was filed on Monday, Sept. 19, 2022.

Cascio-Hale says, “This issue is one of statutory construction. My attorney is very confident and I am a fighter. I am on the ballot. I will be on the ballot. I am here to give the voters a choice.”

Brandi Bradley, Chair of the Williamson County Democratic Central Committee, says, “This issue isn’t about Democrat or Republican, it’s about doing the right thing, and giving the voters a choice in this election. I’m proud of our candidate. Marcy has integrity and is a fighter, and that’s what the people need in a State’s Attorney. That is why the voters should get to have a voice in this election.”