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Carbondale to Celebrate National Bike Month with Bike Month Bingo

CARBONDALE – May is National Bike Month, and to celebrate, the City of Carbondale is offering Bike Month Bingo! Each square on the City’s bingo card is a challenge that can be completed in Carbondale. To win a prize, complete enough challenges to get a Bingo by Monday, May 31. 

To register for Bike Bingo, download the Bingo card, and find biking resources, go to Please submit a photo along with the square whenever possible. 

When riders have completed a row, column, or diagonal of five squares, they have a Bingo and will receive a bike-related prize. If riders complete all of the squares on the card, they will win an additional prize. Riders will receive a prize for one Bingo unless the entire card has been completed. 

The City of Carbondale would like to thank Carbondale Main Street, The Neighborhood Co-Op Grocery, Carbondale Park District and So Ill Racing for supporting Bike Month activities.