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Carbondale Competes for $25k Grant to Make Upgrades at Eurma C. Hayes Center

CARBONDALE – Carbondale needs your vote! The City of Carbondale is a Top 200 finalist in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist® grant program! The City applied for the funding with hopes of making necessary upgrades at the Eurma C. Hayes Center (ECHC). 

The State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant program will award the top 40 finalists $25,000 each to make life-changing impacts in their community. To become a top 40 finalist, we need the community to vote for our cause!   

Beginning Wednesday, August 18, the community can support the ECHC upgrades by voting online here. Please help Carbondale build a stronger neighborhood by voting daily for this cause.

The historic ECHC has been a central part of the development of the Northeast community for more than 45 years. This award of $25,000 would support some of the Center’s infrastructural needs, including automatic doors and new windows. These improvements are necessary to enhance American Disability Act (ADA) accessibility and energy efficiency. 

The ECHC’s board members and community stakeholders have already begun investing in the Center; however, without outside funding sources such as the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program, the progression towards reopening may be prolonged.