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Carbondale Changes Ordinance to Protect Abortion Clinic Visitors from Protestors

CARBONDALE – The Carbondale City Council Tuesday night approved amending a city ordinance that updates the definition of disorderly conduct that city leaders believe will provide greater protections for people entering and exiting reproductive healthcare providers in Carbondale.

The ordinance basically says a protestor must stay 100 feet away from someone entering a hospital, medical clinic or healthcare facility unless that person consents.

According to the City of Carbondale, there are currently two reproductive healthcare providers in Carbondale with a third in development and numerous other healthcare facilities.

Since their opening in the past few months, there have been daily protests at reproductive healthcare facilities that provide abortions as well as some calls for police service related to trespassing and disorderly conduct.

The City Council recommended amending city code to provide greater protection for people entering and exiting these facilities.