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Bost Announces Support from 36 More Republican County Officials

MURPHYSBORO – U.S. Representative Mike Bost (IL-12) Wednesday announced that his re-election campaign has been endorsed by an additional 36 Republican county officials from across the new 12th District, bringing his total number of endorsements from local Republican leaders to 140.

“From determining how tax dollars will be spent, to overseeing elections and maintaining roads, our county officials play a vitally important role in our local communities,” said Bost. “I am honored that my re-election campaign continues to receive such a strong outpouring of support and can’t thank these Republican leaders enough for putting their trust in me. I look forward to working with them all on behalf of our Southern Illinois communities.”

Republican County Elected Officials Endorsing Bost:

Alexander County:

Mike Turner

Alexander County EMA Director


Franklin County:

Abby Dinn

Franklin County State’s Attorney


John Gossett

Franklin County Board Member District 3


Mark Kash

Franklin County Board Member District 1


Larry Miller

Franklin County Board Chairman


Jim Muir

Franklin County Circuit Clerk


Steve Vercellino

Franklin County Treasurer


Greg Woolard

Franklin County Clerk


Hardin County:

Todd Bittle

Hardin County State’s Attorney


Jackson County:

Gene Basden

Jackson County Board Member District 3


Dan Bost

Jackson County Board Member District 2


Andrew Erbes

Jackson County Board Member District 2


Jan Phillips

Jackson County Board District 1


Pamela Scott

Jackson County Board District 1


Jefferson County:

Randy Edwards

Jefferson County Board Vice Chairman


Cliff Lindemann

Jefferson County Board Chairman


Joey McDermott

Jefferson County Board Member District 3


Randy Pollard

Jefferson County Circuit Clerk


Bob Watt

Jefferson County Treasurer


Jeff Williams

Jefferson County Board Member District 6


Johnson County:

Mitch McClellan

Johnson County Treasurer and Collector


Monroe County:

Kelton Davis

Regional Superintendent, ROE #45


Lisa Fallon

Monroe County Circuit Clerk


George Green

Monroe County Commissioner


Bob Hill

Monroe County Coroner


Dennis Knobloch

Monroe County Commissioner


Vicki Koerber

Monroe County Commissioner


Lucas Leifer

Monroe County State’s Attorney


Jonathan McLean

Monroe County Clerk


Perry County:

John Batteau

Perry County Clerk


Bobby Kelly

Perry County Board Chairman


Jodi Koester

Perry County Treasurer


Bruce Morgenstern

Perry County Commissioner


David Searby

Perry County State’s Attorney


Paul Searby

Perry County Coroner


Pulaski County:

Rex Wilburn

Pulaski County Board Chairman


Randolph County:

Julie Carnahan

Randolph County Circuit Clerk


Dave Holder

Randolph County Commissioner


Melanie Johnson

Randolph County Clerk


Marc Kiehna

Randolph County Board Chairman


Ronnie White

Randolph County Commissioner


Richland County:

Zachary Holder

Richland County Circuit Clerk


St. Clair County:

Rick Casey Jr,

St. Clair County Board Member District 29


Ed Cockrell

St. Clair County Board Member District 7


John Coers

St. Clair County Board Member District 15


Union County:

Leigh Burns

Union County Treasurer


Keri Clark

Union County Circuit Clerk


David Gould

Union County Commissioner


Lance Meisenheimer

Union County Clerk and Recorder


Max Miller

Union County Board Chairman


Kent Pitts

Union County Board Vice-Chairman


Tyler Tripp

Union County State’s Attorney


Wabash County:

Angela Crum

Wabash County Circuit Clerk


Wayne County:

Liz Ann Woodrow

Wayne County Clerk


Williamson County:

Tim Atkission

Williamson County Commissioner


Amanda Barnes

Williamson County Clerk


Ashley Gott

Williamson County Treasurer


Lori LeQuatte

Regional Superintendent, ROE #21


Jim Marlo

Williamson County Commissioner


Justin Maze

Williamson County Circuit Clerk