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Bareis Named Sesser Interim Police Chief

SESSER – The Sesser City Council Tuesday night appointed Perry County Sheriff Steve Bareis as the city’s interim police chief.

Bareis will serve as interim chief until a permanent police chief is appointed.

According to a Facebook post from Sesser Mayor Jason Ashmore, Police Chief Ryan White has decided to take a different career path. Mayor Ashmore did not say what career path White is taking. The mayor says as per state statute/city ordinance, he met with all department heads to discuss re-appointment every four years after the election. Chief White declined to be re-appointed to this term. The mayor says any other rumors about White are untrue. The mayor says he is truly grateful for all the dedication and service Chief White has given our community and will always be thankful for all his accomplishments and how he was able to move the police department forward. 

As for Bareis, he announced on Facebook earlier this week that he will not seek re-election as Perry County Sheriff next year.

Bareis is slated to deploy to Africa with his National Guard Unit – the 404th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade in Normal – that he was transferred to earlier this month. Bareis says the unit is set to deploy sometime at the first of the year. His intent is to serve out his term as sheriff and retire upon return from the deployment.

Bareis says he was approached by the City of Sesser to contract with them part-time for administrative work until he returns from deployment. Upon return from the deployment, Bareis will serve full-time as Police Chief in Sesser.

Mayor Ashmore says Bareis will be interim chief until the City formally appoints him permanently pending City Council approval.