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Banterra Bank Gets Naming Rights to Ferrell Hospital’s New Courtyard After Making $50K Donation

Banterra Bank donates $50,000 to Ferrell Hospital to contribute to hospital expansion; receives naming rights to new public courtyard. Pictured left to right are Jordan Craig, Banking Center Manager, Banterra; Alisa Coleman, CEO, Ferrell Hospital; Debbie Shroyer, Banking Center Manager, Banterra; and Tom Clore, Chairman, Ferrell Hospital Foundation.

ELDORADO – Banterra Bank recently announced a $50,000 donation to Ferrell Hospital in Eldorado to secure a naming rights agreement as part of the hospital’s new completed $55,000 square foot expansion.

Banterra will have the naming rights to the new public courtyard located next to the new waiting room area.

Ferrell Hospital completed and opened the $34 million expansion in December 2020, and the addition more than doubles the hospital’s previous size of 33,000 square feet.

You can find out more about the hospital’s expansion at