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Air Evac Visits SIC Nursing Students

Air Evac Lifeteam 138 of Harrisburg dropped by to speak to SIC Registered Nursing Students April 21.

HARRISBURG – Southeastern Illinois College Nursing students were in for a special treat April 21, as Air Evac Lifeteam 138 of Harrisburg stopped by for an educational visit.

“Our friends at Air Evac have been so good to visit our students over the years so they get to see firsthand how exciting and challenging the life of a flight nurse can be,” said SIC Director of Nursing, Amy Murphy. “Some of the team members have been former students of mine, and it’s always a joy to see them thriving in this unique field.”

Maureen Bennett, RN BSN flight nurse, Justin Woodall RN, BSN program director and flight paramedic, and Rene John flight pilot provided information regarding training for flight nurses and medics and continuing education requirements to maintain credentials and certifications.

SIC’s registered nursing students learned about the scope of practice of flight personnel and the management of critically ill patients in flight. Specific skills discussed were intraosseous infusion, ventilator and airway management, and medication dosing and administration.

Additionally this year, Air Evac donated a pair of trauma shears to each RN student – a very generous donation, according to Murphy.

SIC RN student Isabel Crabb of Harrisburg takes a peek inside the Air Evac helicopter as flight nurse Maureen Bennett explains the equipment.

Maureen Bennett, RN BSN flight nurse and Justin Woodall RN, BSN program director and flight paramedic, talk to students about training required for a career at Air Evac.