Jackson County Man Sentenced for Burglary, Meth Possession

MURPHYSBORO – A Jackson County man was sentenced Tuesday to three years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after he entered admissions to violating conditions of his probation in cases involving charges of burglary – a Class 2 felony – and possession of methamphetamine – a Class 3 felony.

Jackson County State’s Attorney Michael Carr says 38-year-old Brad A. Gale of Jacob will also serve two years of mandatory supervised release after he is released from prison.

Carr says Gale’s methamphetamine charge arose out of an Oct. 7, 2018 incident during  which  he  was  found  in  possession of  less  than  5  grams  of  a  substance  containing methamphetamine. Gale’s burglary charge arose out of a Jan. 4, 2019 incident during which he broke into a motor vehicle on Edith Street in Murphysboro and was later found in possession of property stolen from that vehicle. Gale was placed on probation for these offenses in early 2019. His probation was revoked and Gale was sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections due to his failure to comply with several conditions of the probation order in those cases.

The investigations were conducted by the Murphysboro Police Department. Assistant State’s Attorney’s Jayson Clark and Andrew Suthard were responsible for the successful prosecution of Gale.